The Netherlands, a worldwide AI knowledge hub

Kickstart AI was announced on the 10th of October 2019 to boost the development of Dutch AI- talent and technology through the collaboration of companies and universities. The goal is to boost the AI community and make the Netherlands a worldwide relevant AI-knowledge-hub. Kickstart AI acts in the context of national initiatives to grow our AI capabilities. But, how can the Netherlands become a worldwide AI leader as technical superiority seems out of the question?

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A leader in the ethics of high tech

TU Delft professors Jeroen den Hoven and Peter-Paul Verbeek think a protection regulation, such as the European GDPR, can be conceived for AI and autonomous systems. For the Netherlands, to spearhead this initiative would require investment and coordination.

AI protection principles

1 Purpose limitation

2 Transparency

The Municipality of Amsterdam

· Technical transparency

· Procedural transparency

· Explaining AI outcomes

Technical transparency covers source code, model weights and hyper parameters. The municipality understands that these might be a trade secret, but it does require such details to be revealed during audits or legal procedures. Procedural transparency describes in general terms how an AI model was created, what data was used to train it, and what other assumptions were made. A public online register for (AI) models used within the municipality is in Beta and describes such procedural information. Lastly, Stakeholders want to understand why AI solutions make certain choices before moving them into production and they want to explain AI outcomes of the models to customers while in production.

Explainable AI

AI usage requests

3 Fairness

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